Seller FAQ's

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Q: What is the value of my home? 
A: To determine your home’s value, we look at what other homes are selling for in your neighborhood that have the same square footage and lot size. We also take into consideration the condition of your home, curb appeal, age of structure and location. 

Don and Bubba FAQ

Q: How is real estate selling in my area?
A: Homes are selling within 30 to 60 days currenlty, but typically you can expect us to sell your home within 100 days on market. 

Q: Why should I hire vs. selling my home myself?
A: Selling a home takes time, knowledge of the neighborhood, negotiating skills and use of strong marketing strategies. Real estate professionals attract the right buyers and likely can get you more money for your home. 

Q: What home improvements will help sell my home?
A: Make sure it has great curb appeal, is sparkling clean and decluttered for startes. Take care of any items in your home that need repair (ie, doorbell, light switches, doorknobs, cabinet hinges, leaky faucets, etc. See “How to Prepare Your Home to Sell” checklist)