How to Prepare you Home to Sell

Curb Appeal. Mow the grass and pull the weeds. Deadhead flowers to make sure your plants look their best. Make sure lawn equipment, bicycles and toys are put away or stored in the garage, shed or back of the house. 

Doorbell. Does it work? If not, repair it. 

Declutter. Put away small countertop appliances, clear papers and small items that clutter countertops and tables.

Windows. Make sure they are clean and the paint around them is not chipping or flaking. 

Clean. A clean house makes a good impression. Freshen up rooms, furnishings, floors, walls and ceilings. Bathrooms and kitchens should be spotless. Wipe light switches, doors and doorknobs.

Closets. Organize them and store elsewhere any clothing and items not in daily use. This makes closets look more spacious. 

Appliances. Make sure they work. Replace leaky faucets, frayed cords, light switches, etc.

Smells. Eliminate the source of bad smells, such as the cat box. Air fresheners, distilled essential oils and freshly baked cookies are good methods for making your home smell inviting. 

Flowers. Fresh flowers brighten up rooms and give it extra personality.